Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to get pregnant with a boy?

How to get pregnant with a boy?

One, the alkaline environment of the body

Research shows that the diet of women affects the gender of their baby. Couples can choose the sex of your baby by adjusting the pH environment in the body. The mother-to-be should eat more alkaline foods to help conceive a boy.

Alkaline foods include: beans (with pods or legumes), vegetables, fruits (bananas, plums, fruit processing exceptions), fresh milk, grains (like corn), tea, seaweed, algae, yeast, iodine, calcium, vitamin D.

2. Temperature

Research shows that the temperature of the environment is an important factor influencing the sex of the baby. High temperatures affect the X-chromosome sperm and encourage the development of a baby, falls in temperature affect the Y chromosome sperm and promote the conception of a child.

In general, women can conceive a baby in the summer or hot environment.

3. Try having an orgasm

High quality and harmonious sex life can increase your chances of having babies. When women reach orgasm, the vaginal environment more alkaline. Meanwhile, research shows that the greatest number of sperm and sex position deep can make it easy to conceive.

4. Young couples are more likely to conceive.

sperm count of males decreases with age, which is a proven fact that the probability that more couples conceive a boy.

5. body healthy, wealthy family.

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