Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tips to conceive a boy

There are a few precautions before attempting to conceive a boy.

1. You must follow the requirements to take the basal body temperature accurately every day from the day to begin
2. Taking four natural calcium every day.
3. The couple should use condoms during sex to ensure effective contraception before conception. But do not use birth control pills and intrauterine devices.
4. Women should pay attention to the day her basal body temperature has a sudden fall.
5. The couple should know what sexual positions to help conceive a child. And women could try to have an orgasm during intercourse.
6. More concentrated sperm, the better to help conceive a child.


1. The relations of time is crucial to conceive a child.
2. If you have 3 consecutive days without taking natural calcium, restart the whole process.

In the last tip, natural to conceive a boy is for those who do not believe that the problems of learning, monitoring and may even consider the prerequisites to the relations and procedures. You have to work much harder, because the success rate is largely determined by several factors related to their personal fertility, they must first learn to be aware of his presence and at the same time, constant vigilance is needed to determine the time ovulation. Note that in some cases the learning process itself can take up to 3-4 months before that certain patterns of fertility.

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